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We have worked with web and IT projects for over 25 years and see it becoming harder and harder to find locally cost-effective IT development skills without compromising quality.

For 5 years, we have conducted development projects together with Swedish customers with development in Portugal with positive experience.

We have experience in managing qualified projects and have access to resources with established development companies.
Our goal is to be a valued supplier of quality outsourcing in IT development to a number of selected customers.

Web and IT resources are today a scarce commodity in Sweden. Therefore, secure access to competent resources in system and web development by establishing your own development team in Portugal or outsourcing your operations. Then you give your company a stable and long-term reinforcement of development resources and ensure the company’s competitiveness.

Together we establish a personal team of IT resources. Customized and tailored to your unique needs. The people in the team work exclusively with you and become a part of your organization in the long term

With our documented experience, we help you start the project. We have the resources and expertise to ensure the quality delivery of the solution with the help of our project models. We take responsibility for the whole.

We help you manage your project after launch. Together we tailor a team of people who handle maintenance, operation and support.

Based on a defined SLA, we provide services with a guaranteed high level of service.